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Once again I seem to have drifted into only posting once a week, if that.


In case you missed all the Facebook and Instagram posts, Mother's Day was Sunday. Sorry if that was  a little snarky, I've just always had mixed--leaning toward bitter--feelings about that particular day. Seeing all the homages stirs up all my simmering feelings of sadness, anger and jealousy that I don't have my mom or grandmother and haven't had them in my life for 30+ years. I was feeling all nostalgic so I dug through some old pictures and really only managed to make myself feel even worse because I don't have many photos of all the family together and the ones I do have aren't very good, think Polaroids or Kodak Instamatics, and are random candids. My mom took lots of photos of me but we hardly ever seemed to pose all together. Sigh.


I did enjoy celebrating being a mother to this girl.
We ended up at Cheddar's for lunch, which was not in my top pick of places to eat but somewhere we thought we could get in without too much of a wait on such a busy dining out day. Annelise ordered a steak (!!) and ate the whole thing (!!). What in the world? She's growing like a weed on Miracle Gro!

In the spirit of keeping things real and not letting a smiley photo fool you, we did have an *episode* later that afternoon over the state of her room (read: shantytown slum) that included raised voices, okay, yelling, high emotions, okay, seeing red and don't forget,  tears. So Happy Mother's Day and all that.

But her room is clean.

In other news, she performed twice last week with 5th grade band, once in chapel and then at Fine Arts Night.
I could only see the top 1/4 of her head and a smidgen of trumpet during the performances, so she obligingly posed beforehand for documentation. They sounded okay, but I didn't recognize any of the three songs they performed. Interestingly, sixth grade sounded really good so we're hopeful for the future.
After stretching out my yearly supply of contacts into almost two and realizing I was down to my last pair, I bit the bullet and went to the eye doctor last week. 
Annelise gave these earrings, complete with cheesy pun on the tags, to her teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. Simple, easy and she said they liked them. Hey, since they're not too spendy, order some for yourself too!

Friday could not come fast enough for Annelise. Why? That was the big 5th and 6th grade band field trip to Schlitterbahn in Galveston. She was up and ready by 6:30 for a 9:00 am departure, so um...yeah, girl was ex.cit.ed.
She had a BLAST, big surprise, and was also exhausted (although she wouldn't admit it). 

And finally (is anyone still reading this?)...

New kicks, neon no less, provide excellent motivation for working out.
It's true.



Miscellany Monday

I didn't mean for two+ weeks to pass between my posts, but, alas, it did.

And now it's May.


Let's catch up with a few random things, shall we...

01.) Years ago we got a Chipotle in our area so Scott and I dutifully checked it out. We liked it except for the fact you have to buy chips and salsa, which is the opposite of every other Tex-Mex place, so we boycotted Chipotle on principle (although I suppose most fast food Tex-Mex places make you buy them but I consider Chipotle a step above). Last week, for some odd reason out of the blue, we tried it again.

As evidenced by this awkward selfie on the patio.
Needless to say we all three are now hooked on their bowls and have somehow managed to eat it three times in the last two weeks.

I don't know what to say about that. #addictivepersonality

02.) We had a wonderful ladies tea at church weekend before last. Everything from the decor, the company, the food and most importantly the two lovely women that spoke from their hearts and God's word made the event perfect.
03.) When I got home from Ladies Day Annelise was bursting at the seams to show me her Lego creation. She had an extra credit assignment for math to design and build her dream room to scale, so of course she decided to make hers out of Legos.
Notice her defense system of dual cross bows by the bed and a pizza on her nightstand.
A mailbox conveniently located by the front door along with a garage for her ATV (I think it might also double as a boat) and purple motorcycle.
I got a kick out of all her details!

I also got a kick out of the fact she did this purely on her own and was ready to turn in two weeks early. Math has been a little touch and go this quarter so an opportunity for extra credit was MUCH appreciated.

04.) I've been experimenting with a few self-tanners to get a little glow going.
I've used the Jergens Natural Glow off and on the last few years and have always liked the gradual color that develops.

The other two self-tanners are recent finds and I must admit, I likey.

I ordered the Dr. Gross glow pads from Amazon after reading a few bloggers (like Big Mama and Shay) sing their praises. I like that the tanner is on the wipe and all you have to do is swipe it all over your face, neck and chest (carefully of course). So far I've only used two wipes, maybe once a week or a little longer. The color is a tiny bit strong at first (I put it on before bed and the color develops overnight) but then wears really well and looks natural. Since I use my Clarisonic daily though I don't think any self tanner will last for too long on my face.

The Tanwise bronzing sunless mousse is my newest obsession, thanks to an Instagram post last week.   I've never used a mousse before but it goes on really smooth and the bronze color helps you see where you are applying it so you can avoid streaks. There is an immediate color, which is a nice brown, not orange-y at all, then the self-tanner builds over time. I used a mitt to apply which makes everything so much easier and less messy. The reviews compare Tanwise to St. Tropez, but it's much cheaper ($12.00 vs. $30.00!). Also? There's no funky self-tanner smell. I'm hooked!

And I guess that's enough miscellany for now.

Happy Monday, y'all!


Six for Saturday

01.) We have had a deluge of rain these past few days which resulted in a cancelled soccer practice earlier this week and a cancelled game today, much to Annelise's dismay.

The Shipley donuts we had this morning helped to brighten her mood.

02.) I know the donuts pretty much cancel out my workouts, like ordering a Diet Coke and a pizza, but it's our Saturday tradition. We don't get that many like we used to (hey, progress!), just one each, okay, and donut holes, because cute and tasty. 
03.) Annelise had achievement testing this week (not the mandated state tests, but still...). She liked it mainly because she got to bring a blanket and book, have snacks and bigger breakfasts. Eggs!!

Reading + eating = bliss.

(She started reading The Hunger Games recently and is hooked.)

04.) I was totally geeking out over my new labels for my essential oils (my April ER order arrived this week). Now I can find things so much faster. Yes, I need to invest in better storage, especially since it appears I am out of room, but I haven't seriously looked for anything yet since this leftover tin from Christmas pecans has been working just fine. #fancy
05.) I'm using several of my oils every single day, for my skin and hormonal issues and I'm so glad to have others on hand when needed, like for headaches, allergies, colds or digestion issues.
06.) Yesterday I tried Ningxia Red Nitro for the first time before my Les Mills Pump workout. It's a little tube of energy goodness! I don't think I will use it before every workout but I was planning on doing Pump and T25 for cardio so it seemed like the perfect time to try it out. I also put some En-R-Gee on the bottoms of my feet (one of the fastest ways to get the oils into your system) for an extra boost.

Maybe it's all a placebo but I think I had a little more oomph.

Lately (well, twice now) I've been choosing the option to pump up the music and mute the trainers (their spiel gets a little annoying after doing the workout over and over) and it's like a whole new world of Pump. #whateverworks

I managed to get in five, count them 5, workouts this past week, which feels awesome. Today is a double down day with T25 (one day a week you're supposed to do two 25 minute workouts, whee) and I'm scared but also excited because Beta is really, really a lot of sweaty fun. Some of it is crazy challenging for sure but the good news is it's only 25 minutes!

Happy weekending y'all.


Coffee Talk: Fitness

(I feel like Mike Myers on SNL with that title, minus the wig.)

I started my second mug of coffee and decided a bit of random blogging was in order.

Annelise has been on a running kick recently. It's totally her doing, no prompting necessary. She got a new pair of Nikes over the weekend which led to a tester run and I guess they passed because she's gone for a run up and down our street the following two afternoons as well. She downloaded the Nike app to her iPod and she likes seeing her stats. Yesterday she made it a full two miles and was rather pleased with herself.
I haven't been running in a good long while, big surprise. I toyed with the idea of trying the #58milesinapril Instagram challenge, as I've done well working toward a mileage goal in the past, but I never got going with that and now it's the middle of April (not that I couldn't still do it, but not starting closer to the beginning messes with my mind).

Earlier this year I ordered two new fitness programs from Beachbody. I know, I know, did I really need new ones since we already have a fair stockpile? Apparently so. I obviously have commitment issues and figured my level of commitment would be highly improved by a bright and shiny new program.

Since I knew I wanted a combination of cardio and strength training I decided on Les Mills Pump, which is like the BodyPump group classes at gyms. It's a high rep barbell based workout set to fun music. The instructors change with each body part track so there's a lot of variety and you end up working your whole body before you know it. Time flies, seriously. Also? It was on super clearance sale at the time. Winning! (Unfortunately though it has now sold out at Beachbody and they are not restocking. Insert sad loser horn.)
Soon after starting Pump I decided to also try Les Mills Combat  (I was on a Les Mills high I guess) which is a mixed martial arts cardio and strength program. The main trainers, Dan and Rach, are AWESOME, the music is jamming, the workouts are challenging and the sweat flies, but they are doable (there's also a low impact modifier). I love it!
So...all that to say I am doing a mash-up of these two programs having lots of sweaty fun. I'm not really following the calendars that came with the programs but just trying to get a balance of cardio and resistance training. In a perfect world I would workout everyday, but I'm not quite there yet, usually getting in four or five...maybe six days these last few weeks, which feels like a huge accomplishment based on my track record of zero, zilch, nada earlier this year.

Scott is doing T25, except this time he's trying out the Beta phase, which technically comes after the five weeks of Alpha, but he was getting bogged down and bored with Alpha and made the executive decision to jump ahead to keep himself motivated. The fantastic thing about T25 is that it's only 25 minutes and the workouts are all challenging but fun (and there is a modifier). After Pump & Shred yesterday I tried Beta Core Cardio for the first time to get my cardio in and thought I might die. But I didn't. In fact, I kinda loved it (once I was done, of course).

And that, my friends, is what's new on the fitness front around here.

(And no, I'm not a Beachbody coach, just a big fan of their programs.)

What's your latest fitness JAM? Do tell.


Miscellany Monday

We went to La Madeleine for lunch yesterday after church, which is always one of our favorites. Annelise is old enough now to scout out and claim a table for us while Scott and I go through the line, which is a total La Mads game changer when it's crowded. As we were finishing up getting our drinks and about to move our trays on toward the lemons a young girl, probably close to Annelise's age popped up right in front of me, totally up in my personal space, to refill her drink, which included  rinsing out her glass, haphazardly filling with ice as one errant cube landed in my tomato basil soup and then getting her fresh Dr. Pepper.

All without an "excuse me" or at least a "whoopsises" as her ice splashed into my soup.

Time seemed to slow down as I tried to keep my face calm but I'm fairly sure my right eyebrow raised involuntarily just the same and I debated with myself as to whether I was bold enough to say something to her about her intrusion. Was I going to be one of those women?

As it turns out, I wasn't brave enough, but I did stare at her with all my might.

Scott even giggled a little because he could no doubt sense my mood and the girl actually said, "What?"

My belabored spooning of her wayward ice cube out of my tomato basil was completely lost on her.


I dd however turn the incident into a preventive life lesson for Annelise.

In other news, soccer is getting back into full swing and Annelise has been loving every minute of it.
Last week they had a friendly scrimmage with another team for an extra practice. It was really nice to watch the game and the sunset all at the same time.

Dance pictures were also last week, which were as delightful as always. #sarcasm

This year wasn't quite as crazy as past years, which was nice. 
This is her outfit for jazz, which she'll be dancing to Taylor Swift's song, You Belong to Me. Annelise is only dancing two routines this year since it's a play year. The first act will be a variety and the second act will be The Wizard of Oz, where Annelise will be a lion tap dancing to "I'm a Mean Ol' Lion" from The Wiz. It's a fun routine and her lion costume is really cute, but there is a fur head piece  involved and head pieces, especially furry ones, are her nemesis.

Happy Monday y'all!

******Would you correct a random child's rude behavior? Have you?********


Miscellany Monday

Happy day after Easter y'all!

We scrambled to pose for a quick family photo on the porch (it was sprinkly) after church before changing clothes and making the long walk (it's two houses down the street) to my dad and Peggy's house for lunch.
Annelise and I were unintentionally semi--twinning in our denim jackets.

Y'all may remember that I am a severe introvert bordering on hermit, with only occasional bursts of emotionally exhausting extrovertedness, so a large family lunch with several strangers (okay, not technically strangers but very extended family and strangers to me) is almost too much for me to handle. For the love.

Also? It has apparently become my *thing* to make my Big Salad for every single stinking family get together, which is fine because I love it, but I was feeling rather rebellious this Easter and decided to make my Asian Slaw instead.


I was almost exiled.

Even though just about everyone commented on how much they liked the slaw several also made sideline pleas for me to resume my regularly scheduled salad contribution for the next family get together.

For the love.

Annelise was excited to see her cousins, play basketball and get her egg hunt on.
Which was not as abundant as one 11 year old had hoped.

As it turned out, we had given the five year old a head start and that heavily depleted the available hidden eggs--especially since Annelise chose not to waste her time picking up any of the boiled eggs. Give her candy or money or nothing.

For the love.
Random rabbit selfie.

You know.

Annelise and the other Force 410 kids at church got to celebrate their hard work and the end of the program (three months!) Thursday night with a private party at Putt Putt Fun House.
She invited a friend from school, Emma, and they had a fabulous time together, the highlights being the laser tag (several battles), the arcade, and the water bumper boats. 

Annelise completed all four levels of the program and we couldn't be more proud of her!
Random giant burger selfie.

You know.

It's actually called a Frito Bean-Dito and it's delicious.

Annelise had Good Friday and today off from school, which was nice.

After sleeping semi-lateish and lazily getting ourselves together this morning we ventured out for breakfast, er...brunch, at our favorite joint, the Egg & I and then popped by the mall.

As you do.
Random mama-daughter selfie before brunch.

You know.

I finally got my hairs did last Tuesday, it was loooong overdue as my last visit was for my birthday back in November, and my roots were screaming for attention. On a whim I told my stylist that my hair was possibly a tad too long and we agreed that trimming off the long back under section, like three or four inches, would be a good thing to do. Well, she got a little carried away with her scissors as she was cleaning up my layers and I now have significantly shorter hair. Like almost a lob ( a long bob). At least it feels that way as it hits just below my shoulders. I'm having to figure out how to style it all over again as the layers feel all gangly and awkward right now.

My appointment also went off the rails time wise, either due to my need for more foils this time and my massive amount of hair or to the fact my appointment was scheduled an hour later than normal, and I realized I would be late picking Annelise up from school. Yikes! I had given her a heads up that morning though that this might happen and she might need to go to after care, which we've never done before but is thankfully available at her school. The whole time Susan was finishing up my hair--and every time she stopped to take a phone call--I was a nervous wreck wondering how Annelise was adapting to after care and worried she was worried about me or something.

When I picked her up she announced that after care was AWESOME (except there were no snacks and she was starving), she got to play almost an hour of dodgeball (!!) and asked if she could go back to after care the next day (um, no).

So in other words I was in an anxious heap for nothing.

Happy Monday, y'all.


Miscellany Monday

Apparently I blinked and just like that spring break was over and I found myself packing a lunch and driving Annelise to school this morning. After a week of no alarms and no schedule we both thought this morning was a little rude, but she was ready (mostly) to get back to her routine and see her friends and such.

The first day of spring break I had a mysterious, yet thankfully slight, fever making me feel achey, alternately cold and sweaty and so forth, so that was fun.

Tuesday's highlight was our extensive St. Patrick's Day celebrating. And by extensive I mean the opening, pouring and consuming of Lucky Charms.
Wednesday afternoon Annelise went over to Grace's house for a sleepover. Skylar was there too and the three of them had the BEST TIME EVER (her words) with the highlight being several epic Nerf battles (also known as their version of the Hunger Games). 

When I picked her up Thursday afternoon she was running on fumes. After an earlyish dinner she voluntarily took her shower and retreated to her bed, from which she did not emerge from for almost 12 hours. What in the world? 
I have a confession. I'm becoming a hoarder of my current favorite lipstick, Julianne's Nude from L'Oreal's newish Privee Nude collection. It's the prettiest pink-y nude, which as y'all know is one of my weaknesses. Since I am worried they will spontaneously discontinue this line I've decided to pick up a tube (or two) whenever I find them (they're often sold out). Smart or obsessed, you decide.
My March Essential Rewards order from Young Living arrived last week and I did my happy dance. This month I'm trying some new-to-me oils (Release, DiGize & En-R-Gee) along with restocking some favorites. I guess I'm also turning more crunchy granola suite (Neil Diamond anyone?) because I am in red hot love with my new all natural Thieves toothpaste. 

I've been meaning to blog about my new oily adventure and of course I haven't yet. 

After hemming and hawing for months I finally took the oily plunge and ordered my Premium Starter Kit, wholesale, last December. The kit comes with 11 everyday oils, a diffuser and a few other samples and is a great way to try several essential oils at a manageable price. I started out using the oils, mainly Thieves at first, then several others for various things and was quickly hooked. I started out diffusing them, then applying topically and some I mix a drop or two with water (or hot tea) and drink them.

I soon branched out into other oils and products and am now fully on board the oily train. Choo-Choo! One reason I was so anxious to try essential oils was for help with crazy hormonal issues and insomnia, which is a post or two on its own, but I will just say for now that I am feeling better and sleeping better, so score another win for YL's awesome oils! I also joined the Essential Rewards program, which is totally optional, to save on shipping and earn points for future products. The two small oils above on the right, marjoram and balsam fir, were freebies this month, YAY! 

Annelise woke up with terrible reflux (her words) the other night and I used her as our guinea pig to try out DiGize (which is an oil blend for digestive issues) for the first time. I mixed a drop with 4oz. of water for her to drink and it helped almost immediately. I'm thankful to have these oils on hand for all kinds of things.
Annelise and I treated ourselves (Treat Yo' Self!--Parks & Rec., anyone?) to Starbucks after a dud of an Old Navy & Marshall's excursion Friday afternoon.

I also treated myself to a few goodies from Ulta, but that's no big surprise, right?

Happy Monday, y'all!
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